Kat & Ed's Wedding
Sunday, October 2, 2011


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Business casual or better (Sunday best). Please keep in mind that this is an outdoor venue on the edge of a river. Plan your footwear accordingly. Ladies, stiletto heels might be a bad idea.

People are encouraged to bring swords, since we plan to conlcude the ceremony with a sword arch. We will bring extras, but we can only guarantee that the groomsmen will get swords with scabbards that can be worn.

Children are not strictly disallowed, but we would like to encourage adults to come only. Since the site is on the edge of a river, the Bride is contractually the life-guard. Also, there will be alcohol and sharp weapons on site, with swords being part of the ceremony. Please use your best judgment.


There will be heavy Hors d'oeuvres and Desserts ONLY, instead of a sit-down formal dinner.

No glass will be allowed outside the drink serving station. All drinks will be served in, and can only be carried in plastic cups.


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Contact info for us:

ed /at/ toton /dot/ org

Our Proposal:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How it happened:

We had hinted at some ideas as to how this might happen, and through such discussions, it was clear that what would probably be best is a fairly traditional proposal over dinner. So I started planning how to pull it off with at least a modicum of romantic flair.

I managed to sneak in some "props" without Kat getting overly suspicious. You see, we went to Ruth's Chris for a fine steak dinner. Sometimes we bring in a sweater or two when going to a restaurant, just in case they were blasting the cold air. I was able to use a black leather bag to carry the supplies, wrapped in a black sweater, and keep it mostly out of view.

After placing our dinner orders, I waited only another minute or two, and began to execute the plan. It began with a rose, seemingly produced out of nowhere. This was then followed by a pair of silver candlesticks with red candles, and a lighter with which to ignite them. Kat looked on with confusion, and said "What are you doing?"

I simply replied, "I'm just lighting candles! I thought we could use some candles."

And then with a smile, I brought forth a hand-inked letter on parchment paper, with burnt edging and a wax seal. Just as Kat read toward the last line of the letter, I moved around the table, dropped to one knee, and opened a ring box containing a slip of paper that had the letters "I.O.U", since we had said previously that choosing the ring together is what we wanted to do.

Immediately at this moment, one of the wait-staff from the restaurant came to the table with the soup and salad, and asked with a bewildered expression, "Uhm, who gets the salad?" The poor man was stunned and wasn't sure what to do.

I had to hurriedly get up and get him to just put them anywhere on the table. But it soon became the talk of the restaurant, with words of "congratulations" from the staff at the end of our evening.

Date & Location:

Sunday, October 2, 2011
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
At Clore Bros, on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, VA.

5927 River Rd.
Fredericksburg, VA. 22407

Directions, from the north:

  • I-95 South
  • Take exit 130-B, Route 3 West / Plank Road, toward Culpeper.
  • After a few blocks, turn right onto Bragg Rd. / 639.
  • After a few blocks, turn left onto River Rd. / 618.
  • Site is approximately 0.9 miles on the right. If you start up a steep hill, you just missed it.

Directions from the South are the same. Just make sure your exit ramp from I-95 gets you onto Route-3 West.

5927 River Rd.
Fredericksburg, VA. 22407

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Gift Ideas:

There's very little that we actually need. We're combining two households, with two or three kitchen's worth of kitchen supplies, for instance. For this reason, we'd be very happy if you wanted to make a donation to a charitable cause on our behalf.

If you don't have a favorite charity, here are some suggestions:

Wedding Program:

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