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Welcome to my vanity page :)

Me in armor! MD RenFest, fall '02 Me at VA Renfest, spring '99 HELLO FROM ED:

Greetings, and welcome to one of my websites. Yes, just one. What can I say? I'm a hobbyist and a computer addict... You can probably get an idea of my silly style of humor and some of my interests by scanning through my multitude of web sites. You can also take a peek at my semi-current resume.

Generally I tell people that if they can deal with my website, then they can probably deal with me, since I'm a lot more normal than these pages make me out to be, since you're seeing all my wierdness in one concentrated medium. :)

By day I'm a internet Systems Engineer and SysAdmin. Obviously, computers are my primary interest. I'm also a Renaissance Faire enthusiast, computer gamer, programmer. I'm also interested in SETI, Weather, and A-Life.

I also collect and use weapons. I've been collecting swords and medieval armaments since I was 13 years old, and starting in 2000 I became a handgun enthusiast as well. (I have a page describing my gun views. Ironically, I was semi-anti-gun before, until I learned more about it. Exposure brings understanding, and dispels fear). I enjoy target-shooting, and fencing & sword-play, and I'm a self proclaimed knight, in a manner of speaking.

Geeky and proud of it!

Additionally, I maintain several websites for fun. I know most of the hacker geek types tend to prefer to have a simplistic and understated web presence, if at all. I however enjoy using my websites as my personal sandbox. Get over it. :)

If you'd like to see my photos page, just click on one of my pictures here.


"Jack of all trades, master of none"

The phrase above holds special meaning for me. I've discovered over the course of my life that I can usually achieve some level of success at nearly anything I try, whether it's music, art, sports, building things, math, science, writing... But I've never once excelled at any of these things.

If there is any one thing that I seem to excel in more than anything else, it's computers... I've gravitated towards the digital for most of my life, having started with an original IBM 5150 PC when I was about 10 years old. However, the well-known phrase above applies to my computer use as well. I'm a programmer and a system administrator. I've dabbled with AI, A-Life, game programming, voice and music synthesis, natural language processing, compiler design, assembly language, dynamic web content, virus detection tactics, among others. Nothing necessarily stands out with regards to my capabilities... though I have to admit, when faced with a problem, I usually solve it. Eventually.

Many would consider all of this an opportunity, though when growing up it was more a source of frustration, not being able to find anything I'm "good at" (which seems to be nothing when you're a perfectionist). In more recent years I've come to embrace it, as it allows for a wide range of interests and opportunities to explore. I now realize that I'd much rather be a well-rounded person, not a savant with gaping holes. However it comes with the caveat that I may never achieve any sort of fame or wealth or reach any spectacular achievements in my life. C'est la vie. :)

Evil grin w/ Remote

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