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This is just a sampling of images that I edited together with photoshop. Some are more elaborate than others, of course. Often if I'm just throwing something together to be fun or humorous, I don't take the time to make it perfect. And I'm still learning new tricks. I'm certainly no expert with the software, I just know enough to be dangerous. :)

I have a separate page for my demotivational poster parodies.

Giraffe Squid
Giraffe Squid
This was my "I'm learning photoshop" project. I had to use the various eraser tools, blending and transparency, warp, etc.

WMA/HEMA keyboard
Historical German Swordsmanship Keyboard

Truck Problems
Truck Problems
I made this to post to facebook as a status update. I said I was having some problems with my truck that morning.

Ed, the werewolf knight
Werewolf Knight
This was also a facebook post. Most of my friends know I dress up as a knight at the renfaires. But just before Halloween, I posted this and commented that there are some days that I should just leave the helmet on. :)

A cross between Obama and Voldemort. Made by my dad.

Sword in the stone wallpaper
The Sword in the Stone
Excalibur, perhaps. I bought some royalty-free image downloads, and used a photo of one of my own swords.

Sir Brian in a muuumuu
Sir Brian in a muumuu
This was a joke on our forum.

Ed, patriotic mordschlag
Patriotic Mordschlag
An intentional anachronism. Me, in full armor, doing a "mordschlag" (literally "murder stroke", or strike with the hilt), with an American flag behind me.

Sir Brian on a horse
Sir Brian on a horse
Just for fun, I managed to put Sir Brian on a horse. Had to distort his legs, reposition his scabbard, and blend it with two other photos. The horse and grass came from one image (after erasing all the fence-posts around the horse), and the rest of the background is from another image.

Argent, three ghouls gules
Argent, three ghouls gules
A heraldry joke

1911 Pop-Quiz Demotivator

Castle Gardens
Fantasy Castle Gardens with Stars and Nebulae

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