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Ancient updates:

  • (Feb'99) Added the Starflight link.
  • (Aug'98) Added the Dragon's Hoard Armory link.
  • (Aug'98) Minor rearrangement and corrections to main menu.
  • (Jun'98) Added Dragon's Mandate to games page.
  • (Mar'98) Updated the "About" page slightly
  • (Jan'98) Added link for Bug-Fest (Artificial Life Experiment)
  • (Dec'97) Added link for Bones' UO Commentaries
  • (Nov'97) Removed the "big logo"
  • (Sep'97) Added link for The Ghosts of the Castle
  • (Aug'97) Minor deletions and edits
  • (Jul'97) SETI Page
  • (Jun'97) The Evil-Test and The Undead-Army
  • (Jun'97) Various minor changes
  • (May'97) Old-Games sub-page
  • (May'97) My Graphics/Sound demos
  • (May'97) The Gates of Hell
  • (Apr'97) Codex Idiotica
  • (Mar'97) A new look.
  • (Mar'97) Exodus to "necrobones.com" and various rearrangements
  • (Mar'97) "About me" link
  • (Feb'97) AT-Robot Competition link
  • (Jan'97) Shareware Links
  • (Jan'97) Vortex (screen-saver)
  • (Jan'97) Updated QuickCam links.
  • (Jan'96) Added portrait of me (w/ link to pictures page).
  • (Oct'96) Skull Quest 2 in Shareware-Stockpile pick of the month.
  • (Sep'96) MOLECULE:Chain-Reaction (game)
  • (Sep'96) YAO:Yet-Another-Othello (game)

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