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June 7, 2006

Bones Comics is now on it's own domain name: bonescomics.com. I've also added the first strips in about 4 years, and updated the CGI code a little (with new hecklers, the best part!). Updates will likely still end up being years apart, but it's about time I got around to doing some of the things the site needed. The comics series will celebrate its 20th birthday this coming January, so I may need to think of some further ideas too.

Also, there is now a combined Movies Page that has the movies I'm making across my websites. I love what can be done with symlinks and server-side includes.

April 22, 2006

I've started to get bitten by the video-editing bug. The first completed project so far is a video slideshow of my 2005 Halloween photography. There will be more to come on the Halloween Movies page, and probably elsewhere on my websites.

April 12, 2006

necrobones.com is getting streamlined a little. I'm finally trimming some of the fat, while making some of the more important links more obvious on the front page. Some older content is now archived away. (update 4/13: the front page in particular has been updated to get back to the core areas that NecroBones was created for and influenced by. The main link buttons take you to my software, game pages, halloween site, and comics sections).

Meanwhile, the halloween ideas are still underway, gradually. When it's the off-season, there's just so many other things to do! Like spring-cleaning... ugh.

February 11, 2006

Halloween in February? halloween.necrobones.com has gotten a face-lift, and in particular, the 2006 projects have already begun. It shouldn't come as too big of a surprise. My whole spooky web site theme in general has been one long Halloween sort of thing. It never really ends around here.

September 29, 2005

It's almost October! I've finally gotten around to cleaning up my Halloween page and pictures, and making a nice consolidated site for it all. Check out halloween.necrobones.com to see it. :)

June 6, 2005

I finally got around to registering more permutations of the necrobones.* domain names. There's probably more I could grab, but I have the important bases covered.

I also finally got around to putting up a tribute page to my old BBS, The Sorcerer's Quarters.

November 11, 2004

As of last week, NECROBONES® is now a registered trademark! Woohoo! Now I can put those little '®' things next to the name everywhere. It took nearly a year for the trademark to get approved by the USPTO, partially due to a categorization mistake on my part at first, but it finally went through! I probably should have done this a long time ago... I figured after about 10 years of using it as a trademark, it was a good time to do it. :)

September 16, 2004

My websites are now completely off of the Verio hosting, and are now operating under my Linode account. More control, more bandwidth, more disk space, what else could I ask for? :) It marks the end of an era, in a way... necrobones.com was originally set up on HiWay's hosting, back in March of 1997. They got bought out by Verio, and I had been with them ever since.

March 18, 2004

New domain added to the mix here: int19h.net. [now defunct]

Also, I've set up a host at linode.com to handle the web content for many of my domain names. If I like it enough, then who knows, maybe some number of months down the line, I'll move this site there too.

December 17, 2003

The last installment of Lord of the Rings opens today!

Today is also this website's scheduled move. My host ( NTT/Verio) is moving my site to another server. I guess after all these years they finally decided to decommission the old HiWay servers (HiWay was my host before it got bought out by Verio, which in turn got bought by NTT). And it has indeed been many years.

Take a look at my site on The WayBack Machine (archive.org), and my site's previous location as well. I originally started my web presense in September of 1995, and in March of 1997 is when I switched to NecroBones.com. It's nice to see that someone is archiving the web for posterity, since so much content tends to have only a fleeting existence.

December 12, 2003

About a week ago, I obtained my 5th domain name. There's no content behind it yet, and so far I'm only planning on squatting on it until I can think of something to do with it, but between .net .org and .com, this one was the only remaining domain of my last name. So now I have Toton.org.

For the curious, the previous domain names I've obtained are:

Heh, I just realized. This latest one is my first one that does not start with 'N'. :)

December 11, 2003

In case you care, check out this page concerning SCO's lawsuits against IBM, and their attempt to force people to pay them for something they don't own. Their "protection racket", and attempt to cash in on other peoples' property (linux) is absurd, and we're all hoping they crash and burn in court. End rant.

October 2, 2003

If you're been to my site before, you may have noticed that it's undergoing some changes this month. It suddenly dawned on me that the overall look and feel of the site, while decent, hadn't been improved or updated in years. I still have legacy HTML content dating back to '95 in some instances. So, the time came... the goal of course being to improve upon the interface and navigation for the website, while preserving the fun and unique style of the site, and still keeping the simplicity that allows it to work on older browsers and load in a reasonable amount of time on dialup connections.

Of course, the site is always a work in progress, and constantly has things being changed and worked on. It's just a matter of which individual pages, and when.

August 13, 2003

As of this writing, I'm in the process of installing a weather station and integrating it into my nifty little home network. So far it's not doing much, but I'll be working on logging/graphing of the data on Banshee (one of my servers). I'm also auto-transmitting to the Weather Underground. Currently though, for some reason, it's reporting air pressures equivelant to being 250 feet under water. I'll get it right one of these days...

Doesn't every mad scientist need his own weather machine?? Muahahaaha!!

June 30, 2003

Once again I wish to thank everyone for their patience and well-wishing. My long dark path has finally paid off. The light at the end of the tunnel is here, and it's not an on-coming train. I didn't have to sell my house or my car or anything, and I've found employment at a nice company with good people and one of my oldest friends. Whew! Life can return to normal after almost exactly a year (I officially started here on June 27, and was laid off from Worldcom on June 28 last year). It's been hard, but things are finally coming together. Thanks again to everyone who has sent their positive thoughts and prayers my way.

May 14, 2003

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone whose generosity and and votes of confidence have helped me through this trying time (you know who you are). Now entering my 11th month of unemployment, I'm learning very quickly what it really means to be in the IT industry, where good skills and work experience can still result in being torn asunder like a rag-doll.

And on a day like today, when I would be at home anyway because of a head-cold, and I open my mail to find a message stating that my unemployment benefits are exhausted, things can seem a little grim. And then I open another letter, and find a generous gift and words of confidence from someone I don't know, who I only briefly interacted with long ago. I've been deeply touched, and I want everyone to know that I appreciate all the kindness that I've been shown throughout these troubled months. I only ask that people continue to keep their fingers crossed, such that I may find a light at the end of the tunnel.

January 22, 2003

The Balloon Project is underway! :)

January 17, 2003

Well, things have been a bit strange since the summer, since I lost my job. A lot of projects went on hold, etc. The comics were the first major casualty. However, I haven't stopped updating this site, it's just that I've been making more subtle fixes, such as spelling corrections, adding some minor content in the NeoScience Institute, adding a shopping cart to the Armory, adding some new castle-lego pictures, etc. A lot of time has also been put into my servers here, since one had a hard disk failure with no backups, and the other was recently hacked (the AT-Robots server, which remains offline until I have the time to rebuild or something). So the site's not dead... just undead I guess, heh. :) Stay tuned, my brain is always cooking up new ideas for the website!

September 23, 2002

My new web-project is underway! Check this out: NerdReviews.net is my new product review site. Reviews for nerds by nerds! :)

August 9, 2002

I've started up a new page on Armchair Space Exploration, so be sure to check it out. :)

July 3, 2002

These last few weeks have been rather odd... between trips out of town on family business, and getting laid off from Worldcom (Click here to see my resume; know of any jobs?), it's been a rollercoaster. On the plus side, Neverwinter Nights finally came out, and you can see my NWN project here.

March 7, 2002

I've started working on a new version of BONES Comics, an old comic strip series I used to work on when I was a kid. Now, hopefully with a mature style, I hope to make something fun and amusing. You can see a brief history of my comics as well.

January 28, 2002

Well, another year has gone by, and I'm a year older (as of a few days ago).

I've added a new Mythos Creation section, and just got hold of the Necronomicon.BIZ domain name, so check it out!

January 28, 2002

Wireless Internet is here! If you have a WAP browser or Wireless Internet service on your PDA or cellphone, you'll be able to access selected content on this site sooner or later. A welcome screen is already visible. Just point your phone to www.necrobones.net/wireless/

Also, you can view our new wireless web content, or any other WAP enabled site, via a really nifty WAP emulator.

[Update 4/16/2006 -- This has since been removed]

December 24, 2001

Happy Holidays!

I've added a new "work-in-progress" sort of thing to my A-Life colllection. This New Project is a pretty nifty web-accessible simulation with a complex weather generator that influences the activity between the two competing species. The web interface gives you a forecast, shows the controlled regions of the map, as well as other interesting statistics and so forth that I may add to and flesh-out slowly over time.

October 16, 2001

I have now opened a cafepress store, for all your NecroBones memorabilia needs... so check it out: The NecroBones Enterprises Store

September 17, 2001

I'm deeply saddened by the events of last tuesday (Sept 11). The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were horribly tragic and misguided. The time for retribution has come. I've added a flag on the front page of this website, which will remain for the forseeable future.

July 23, 2001

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this page. But that doesn't mean my website has been stagnating. Quite the contrary... my site is always undergoing updates, it's just a question of which part.

Over the last 4 or 5 months, most of my attention has been focused on Tribes 2 (and thus my Tribes section).

I just added two new pages though:

February 28, 2001

I just had an interesting revelation. I seem to have had a larger impact on the net than I've realized. Anyone who wants to find me, and see what I've been up to for the last few years can find an aweful lot of information if they know a single word: "NecroBones". Just type that word into any common search-engine, and hundreds of hits will be turned up, all of which have something to do with me, whether they're my own pages, or pages that belong to friends who have links to my site, or pages that contain links to my games, etc. Just take a look at a few examples:

These searches even turn up things I forgot about, or didn't know about myself. But it all pertains to me in one way or another, since as far as I know, I'm the only one on the planet that uses the term "NecroBones". And that's why I chose it. No one in their right mind would use such a name... wait, err... that didn't sound right. :)

February 22, 2001

The Dragon's Hoard Armory has finally been overhauled and updated to have the current selection of products, and it's all laid out in more pleasant manner. Enjoy!

February 21, 2001

I've started putting the framework together for the webpages for Stonekeep, which is my Barony within DAGGER (Distant Ages, Guilds, Garrisons, Education and Re-enactment). As of this writing, the pages are in fairly skeletal form... (get it? skeletal? Ha!), but updates should be soon in coming.

[Update-- Removed]

January 11, 2001

Well, it's another new year... this time the -real- start of the new millenium! It's been a while since I've made any significant update, so all I have to report right now is that the LEGO section is being slightly redesigned. The "space" section is now just that- a section. I've added a medieval section, and am slowly adding pictures of some of the castle progress, and eventually intend to expand and add a lot of detail.

Since the year is 2001, I'll have to think up some interesting 2001 ideas for this site... Muahaha!! :)

October 24, 2000

I read an interesting article that I think is worth reading, if you have the same nostalgia for older computer games that I do. Check it out: http://www.siggraph.org/publications/newsletter/v34n2/columns/gaming.html

I agree with a lot of what is said here, and it makes me additionally nostalgic. I'm tempted to sink myself back into Turbo Pascal 6.0 and churn out some more 256-color 320x200 DOS games. Obsolete retro games still have a place in today's world, and I know there are people out there who agree with me, though they may be few and far between.

October 17, 2000

Pyroto Mountain I just put a link to Pyroto Mountain on the main page. This is a game that I discovere back when I started running my BBS at the beginning of '91. By then, the game had already been around for about 5 years... Unfortunately I never got a chance to really play it, but I found it very intriguing, and so I took a few ideas from it and developed my own game for my BBS-- Acheron, which you can find on the Old Software page (you can still run it in DOS, but the scrolling isn't handled properly, so the status bar gets splattered all over the place). I just discovered that Pyroto Mountain has been resurrected and webified, which I think is pretty cool... since it was so inspirational so long ago, I felt it deserved mentioning here, as well as a few links. I hope you'll take a look.. Enjoy!

October 11, 2000

As usual, there are more pictures posted in the Pictures Section.

Also, I've added some new pages concerning my interest in weapons.

September 7, 2000

The webcam is up, though it might not be looking at much for a while (or ever, since I tend to value my privacy). You can see it HERE. Also, I rearranged the about pages a little, into a more sensical manner.

September 6, 2000

Our legions of the dead are slowly growing. Check out the Rising Zombies page for details!

August 18, 2000

Slowly I'm getting things rearranged on the servers, and AT-Robots will be a little easier to access. You can already get into it by name instead of picking out IP addresses. Check it out on the AT-Robots page. More changes are to come, and they will be posted.

Server status stuff has been updated on NecroBones.Net

Also, I added another of my ancient games to the download area. Acheron is on the Old games page.

August 11, 2000

Necrobones.net is now online! There's no real content there right now, nor will there be, since that's not the primary purpose of it. Some supplementary content may be put there though. I know this sounds like a rather pointless update, but in reality this is pretty cool from my end. :)

June 16, 2000

My Tribes page moved to PlanetStarsiege, but is still accessible through the same links on this site.

May 23, 2000

My new Tribes page is now in place.. You can see it HERE.

April 30, 2000

I've added a lot of new stuff on the Sims page, but more notably I've just added a whole bunch of my less-significant but still kinda interesting software projects from years ago... You can now download some of my old gags, screen savers, and text generators/filters on my old-software page.

April 10, 2000

Two new items... Actually, they've both been here for a little while, but I finally added buttons on the main page to access them:

March 28, 2000

The latest addition to this site is in - Undead Sims! If you like "The Sims", you might just find this page delightfully chilling. :)

March 22, 2000

I just added a page in tribute to Dungeon Keeper 2. It contains information about some of what I've done in the game.

Of course, one of these days I really should get around to having some info on the games I consider to be absolute classics, if I'm going to be doing this at all. The list would include (but not be limited to) Starflight, Tribes, Ultima Underworld, Ultima 7, Star Control 2, Populous, and to a lesser extent games such as Grim Fandango, Sam and Max hit the Road, Commander Blood, Doom, Doom 2, Hexen, and System Shock. Some of these games weren't well known and didn't necessarily do well in sales (and obviously, others did quite well), but had certain ideas or design philosophies that were creative, and a style that appealed to me.

March 10, 2000

I just added the "Bones Comics - A Blast from the Past" section. Since "Bones Comics" is one of my fondest memories, and one of the more creative hobbies I've had, and is also the "Bones" half of the "NecroBones" name, I figured it was about time to put a little tribute to it here.

February 24, 2000

Welcome. This is the first update to this page. I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner, since it seems to make a lot of sense to have a single location on the site that you can go to in order to get an idea of what changes have been made recently, what my current thoughts are, and when any new software or pages are added. Besides, I have proven fond of writing my rants online before, as can be evidenced on my UO pages.

Aside from adding this "what's new" page itself, the most recent happenings are as follows...

  • Vortex 1.1 is released, on the NecroBones Games Page. It adds some new high-res modes, bringing it more or less up to date with the current computer hardware.

  • I made some minor edits on the About Me page, most notably in the section concerning my cats. I'll put some pictures of my new little kitties soon. Of course, I really need to rewrite and/or overhaul the entire page, since some of it gets a little too personal, and some of it is a little out of date.

  • My UO Pages on Questgate got moved over to Stratics (Click here to see) because Questgate decided to drop me. After asking them not to, they finally restored my account, but only after I went to all the trouble to set it up on stratics, so for the moment my UO stuff is on both hosts. I haven't decided how to resolve this.

And I guess I can answer a few questions that have been asked from time to time:

  • The SETI stuff was never intended to be left hanging for so long. I fully intended to set up a small SETI station, but now that I've moved to a place with no yard, I don't think it'll be possible for a while, unless I build an antenna/dish in the attic. Chances are I won't have the disposable income for this for quite a while.

  • The Knight's Order isn't totally stagnant, on the other hand, though we haven't done much in the way of "official business" either. Basically it's just an idea that a friend of mine and I are/were throwing around, and we hope to come up with some cool logos to use on surcoats and banners and the like, just for the sake of our own fun at renaissance faires, and in the off seasons as well.

  • No, there are no employment opportunities with NecroBones. This is my personal website, and I use it for my small business ventures, which just happen to be one-man-shows, so to speak.

I guess that's about it for now... so enjoy! :)


Ancient updates:

  • (Feb'99) Added the Starflight link.
  • (Aug'98) Added the Dragon's Hoard Armory link.
  • (Aug'98) Minor rearrangement and corrections to main menu.
  • (Jun'98) Added Dragon's Mandate to games page.
  • (Mar'98) Updated the "About" page slightly
  • (Jan'98) Added link for Bug-Fest (Artificial Life Experiment)
  • (Dec'97) Added link for Bones' UO Commentaries
  • (Nov'97) Removed the "big logo"
  • (Sep'97) Added link for The Ghosts of the Castle
  • (Aug'97) Minor deletions and edits
  • (Jul'97) SETI Page
  • (Jun'97) The Evil-Test and The Undead-Army
  • (Jun'97) Various minor changes
  • (May'97) Old-Games sub-page
  • (May'97) My Graphics/Sound demos
  • (May'97) The Gates of Hell
  • (Apr'97) Codex Idiotica
  • (Mar'97) A new look.
  • (Mar'97) Exodus to "necrobones.com" and various rearrangements
  • (Mar'97) "About me" link
  • (Feb'97) AT-Robot Competition link
  • (Jan'97) Shareware Links
  • (Jan'97) Vortex (screen-saver)
  • (Jan'97) Updated QuickCam links.
  • (Jan'96) Added portrait of me (w/ link to pictures page).
  • (Oct'96) Skull Quest 2 in Shareware-Stockpile pick of the month.
  • (Sep'96) MOLECULE:Chain-Reaction (game)
  • (Sep'96) YAO:Yet-Another-Othello (game)

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