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Albion Crecy

Purchased/Received September 2009

This sword fits nicely in line with some of the other Albions I own. The Baron is a beasltly two-handed cutting machine, and the Knight is an efficient single-handed cutter. Neither are designed particularly for thrusting, but instead favor efficient cuts for their respective numbers of intended hands.

The Crecy comes in right in the middle. It's a "jack of all trades, master of none". It's still a longsword, but smaller than many of the others, and the two-handed user requires having one hand partially gripping the pommel. Being smaller and lighter, it's agile, but the blade geometry is not as optimized for cutting. It does however have a good thrusting tip (though not as efficient as a dedicated thruster), and the greater agility makes it function reasonably well single-handed if the need arises. These features make it well rounded and capable in a wide range of roles, without being quite as capable as a sword that is more specialized for any one of those roles.

Overall Length 44 ¼ inches  (112.39 cm)
Blade Length 35 ¼ inches  (89.53 cm)
Hilt Length 9 inches  (22.86 cm)
Blade Thickness at base 0.24 inches  (0.61 cm)
Blade Width at base 2 inches  (5.08 cm)
Guard Width 7 ½ inches  (19.05 cm)
Weight 3.12 lbs  (1.42 kg)
Center of Gravity 4 ⅛ inches from guard  (10.48 cm)
Center of Percussion 21 inches from guard  (53.34 cm)

(Albion's Crecy Info)

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