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Albion Dane

reserved in 2008, received April 2010

Wow, what a beast of a sword (in a good way)! This sword, despite its thin profile, is massive and deadly. At nearly 5 pounds and nearly 5 feet in length, it has an enormous presence, yet remains relatively agile and controllable for a sword of this size.

Now I feel the need to buy a Montante trainer, so that I can practice with a sword closer to the size and feel of this one, when I desire to do so.

I was lucky enough to reserve this one before the price ratcheted up considerably. I'm not sure what the reason is for the current price, considering that Albion's other "large" two-handed sword models (though still in development) are much cheaper.

Albion did an outstanding job on this piece. The grip almost looks like bare wood, though it is leather wrapped. It gives it a good texture for a solid grip, with the wire-wrapped accents adding to the overall aesthetic quality. I had to search hard to even find the seam in the leather.

This sword feels like it would be devastating in the cut, and quite able to subject its unlucky target to horrific damage. And yet the point is sturdy and acute for the thrust as well.

I'm very happy I reserved this fine piece from Albion when I did!

In the photos I included a yard stick (36 inches) for scale.

Overall Length 58 inches  (147.32 cm)
Blade Length 42 inches  (106.68 cm)
Hilt Length 16 inches  (40.64 cm)
Grip Length 13 inches  (33.02 cm)
Blade Thickness at base 0.31 inches  (0.79 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ½ inches  (3.81 cm)
Guard Width 8 inches  (20.32 cm)
Weight 4 ¾ pounds  (2.16 kg)
Center of Gravity 4 inches from guard  (10.16 cm)

(Albion's Dane Info)

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