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Albion Knight

Bought July 2008

I found this one on eBay for a pretty good price compared to buying one new, especially considering the sword had not been used for cutting or anything along those lines. Since receiving it, I've abused it much more, taking it to cutting parties and the like, and the blade is starting to show some scratches and discoloration. I don't mind treating this one as more of my "beat-up cutting Albion". It has a nice overall feel with quite a bit of blade authority, and good cutting geometry.

Overall Length 38 inches  (96.52 cm)
Blade Length 31 ½ inches  (80.01 cm)
Hilt Length 6 ½ inches  (16.51 cm)
Blade Thickness at base 0.2 inches  (0.51 cm)
Blade Width at base 2 inches  (5.08 cm)
Guard Width 6 ⅝ inches  (16.83 cm)
Weight 2.68 lbs  (1.22 kg)
Center of Gravity 4 ½ inches from guard  (11.43 cm)
Center of Percussion 20 ½ inches from guard  (52.07 cm)

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