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"Baltimore Knife & Sword" single-hand sword

purchased roughly around 1989

Early in my sword collecting, I had been admiring the "real" swords at the MDRF (Maryland Renaissance Festival). I only had two other swords at the time, the first being my $20 Toledo wall-hanger, and the second being the family heirloom bayonet/shortsword. I wanted a "real" sword. A combat sword. Something out of a Dungeons & Dragons game, but still historical, and not some fancy fantasy sword. And I wanted a disc-pommel, after admiring such swords in the BBC "Robin of Sherwood" series that I watched on public television.

I saved up my money for many months, which was no small feat for me at the time. And then the day came, and I visited the Baltimore Knife shop. At last! A sturdy sword that a D&D playing teenager could be proud of.

By today's standards, it's a bit of a clunker, made from bar-stock with the edges ground to give it a profile taper and an axe-wedge sort of edge. It's blade-heavy, but feels sturdy and tight. It's also unpolished, dull-colored steel.

Over the years, Baltimore Knife has greatly (though gradually and incrementally) improved their swords. The last time I handled their blades, I still felt they were on the heavy side, but they've gotten to be much more ornate.

You won't find them at MDRF anymore though. I've only heard rumors, but I was told they were asked to leave.

Overall Length 37 ¾ inches  (95.89 cm)
Blade Length 30 inches  (76.2 cm)
Hilt Length 7 ¾ inches  (19.68 cm)
Center of Gravity 5 ¾ inches from guard  (14.61 cm)
Center of Percussion 19 ½ inches from guard  (49.53 cm)

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