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CAS/Windlass, large swept-hilt

purchased roughly around 1999

I refer to this as the "large swept hilt" just because the guard is larger than on my other rapier, though they have nearly identical dimensions otherwise.

This was my first rapier, and the one I've frequently carried at the renfaires that permit steel (my closest one, MDRF, unfortunately does not). I've been reasonably pleased with it. The larger guard helps to pull some of the weight back as compared to the other rapier I have. The difference is almost imperceptible, but sometimes the subtle differences count.

I don't know how durable it is, but since I've used it primarily as a "dress sword", it may not matter. The huge swept-hilt is certainly rather manly. :)

Overall Length 44 ½ inches  (113.03 cm)
Blade Length 37 ½ inches  (95.25 cm)
Hilt Length 7 inches  (17.78 cm)
Center of Gravity 4 inches from guard  (10.16 cm)
Center of Percussion 25 ¼ inches from guard  (64.14 cm)

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