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CAS/Windlass, small swept-hilt

purchased roughly around 1999

I refer to this as the "small swept hilt" just because the guard is smaller than on my other rapier, though they have nearly identical dimensions otherwise.

This is one of those swords that was an accidental addition to my collection. Back when I was running my sword website, someone had ordered this item from my online catalog. The catalog showed it as a brass hilt. When it arrived, it had this nice shiny steel guard instead. My customer cancelled the order as a result, and the explanation I got from CAS about it was that the entire batch had come in that way. I decided to keep it, as a result, since I preferred it that way and figured I might not get another shot later.

Overall, it's an unremarkable rapier. Very average handling characteristics. I have no particular issues with it, and yet there's nothing exceptional about it either.

Overall Length 43 ¾ inches  (111.12 cm)
Blade Length 38 inches  (96.52 cm)
Hilt Length 5 ¾ inches  (14.61 cm)
Center of Gravity 5 ½ inches from guard  (13.97 cm)
Center of Percussion 27 inches from guard  (68.58 cm)

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