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Albion Baron

ordered in 2007, received May 2008

This is the second Christian Fletcher sword to come into my posession (the other being the CF/AT1593 Bayersiches, of which I'm the fourth owner), but the first to be made for me, as my own custom order.

I ordered it through Christian primarily to have the scabbard made, however I had him customize the hilt as well. The steel fittings are the stock Albion parts, but the grip normally only has the riser bands at the front and rear of the grip. This sword has two additional bands in the center of the grip, and the grip is a very dark (almost black) shade of blue. Christian diverged from the normal assembly of the Baron by not using a peen block, but rather he peened the tang straight to the pommel.

The sword has a strong and massive feel, without sacrificing much speed or agility. It's quite maneuverable, and yet feels like it can deliver extremely massive blows. I'm usually drawn to lighter swords, but this one feels good for being heavier. It screams out "use me"... so I'm looking forward to laying waste to some pumpkins!

Overall Length 47 ⅛ inches  (119.7 cm)
Blade Length 37 ⅛ inches  (94.3 cm)
Hilt Length 10 inches  (25.4 cm)
Grip Length 7 ⅝ inches  (19.37 cm)
Blade Thickness at base 0.24 inches  (0.61 cm)
Blade Width at base 2 ¼ inches  (5.71 cm)
Guard Width 8 inches  (20.32 cm)
Weight 3.7 pounds  (1.68 kg)
Center of Gravity 4 ½ inches from guard  (11.43 cm)
Center of Percussion 23 ½ inches from guard  (59.69 cm)

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