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Aluminum-Alloy Katana+Wakizashi, Flat-Finish Scabbards

purchased roughly around 1993

This and my other display-only katana were some of my earlier acquisitions for my collection. I was told that they had an aluminum-alloy blade (zinc-aluminum? I forget), which is interesting considering how blade-heavy they feel. The blade is very thick, however, and the sword overall is very visually authentic for such a cheap reproduction, down to minute details such as the (Same) ray-skin texture in the hilt and the bamboo peg (Mekugi) holding the hilt together.

The hamon (temper line) does not withstand close scrutiny though, as it has lines that clearly denote machine-etching, and it does not line up properly on both sides of the blade. None of this is obvious at a casual glance.

Still, these make for attractive display pieces, and if not removed from the stand, it's hard to detect the fact that they're visual replicas only.

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