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A&A Fechterspiel Sword

purchased roughly around 2006

I've been collecting swords since my early teens. It's a sickness, it really is. :) Even after having sold several along the way after losing interest in them individually, the overall sword count has steadily grown. This sword made number 40 in my collection, a new overall high.

For the last couple of years before obtaining it, I've been in a historical swordsmanship class at VAF, and as our group has been migrating towards working with steel swords, I decided to get one of the best trainers currently on the market, in terms of my particular tastes.

Though it is built for training and sparring, it is very much a real sword in every way. The only difference being that since it's designed to be safe, rather than deadly, the goal was to build a blade with as thick and blunt of an edge as possible. In order to accomodate this and still maintain the balance, the profile width of the blade is much smaller than normal, making for a thin appearance. To maintain the blade strength at the critical location of joining the hilt, there is a sturdy ricasso. From what I understand, all of this has a historical context, as there were training weapons constructed similarly back in the day.

Though "Arms & Armor" makes several practice swords, the fechterspiel in particular is extremely nice. It's very lively and well balanced, even more so than prior versions of it. It's quickly going to become the yardstick by which I measure all longswords, so to speak.

Overall Length 48 ¾ inches  (123.83 cm)
Blade Length 37 ¾ inches  (95.89 cm)
Hilt Length 11 inches  (27.94 cm)
Weight 3.37 pounds  (1.53 kg)
Center of Gravity 2 ½ inches from guard  (6.35 cm)
Center of Percussion 24 ½ inches from guard  (62.23 cm)

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