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Family heriloom saber/bayonet

An actual military issue weapon in the family, this piece is getting passed down almost like an heirloom now. Originally it belonged to my great-grandfather when he served in Queen Victoria's army.

I did some rust removal on the guard a number of years ago, and almost regret doing that now. The guard used to be almost the same color as the grip.

It's more of a bayonet than anything else, but due to the size, I classify it as a sword rather than a dagger in my collection.

Overall Length 27 ½ inches  (69.85 cm)
Blade Length 22 ¾ inches  (57.79 cm)
Hilt Length 4 ¾ inches  (12.06 cm)
Center of Gravity 3 ¼ inches from guard  (8.26 cm)

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