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White leather belt, golden spurs, and a golden spiral 4-in-1 mail chain. Actually, they're brass, but they look good!

The rowel spurs look nice, but are a tripping hazard. I've already bent them slightly after wearing them for only a few minutes. The prick spurs might be a little better, but they're sharp and they won't fit over larger boots, so I'll have to use them with turnshoes or something.

I don't know that a spiral chain would ever have been used as a symbol of knighthood, specifically, but various gilded chains have quite a bit of historical precedent. The gilded spurs seam to be a bit more universal.

I finally got my hands on a white leather belt. I don't know of much historical evidence for these, though the SCA uses them widely as their primary symbol for knighthood. I won't wear it to any of their events, out of respect for the society's rules. In terms of the authenticity, as far as I know, the only major period reference to the white belt is in Geoffroi de Charny's "Book of Chivalry", in which he mentions it as one of many symbols in the knighting ceremony. I dont know if there was any on-going symbolism in the day to day life for a knight that involed it. Then again, the spurs are also part of the ceremony, but unlike the white belt, they are mentioned frequently in a wide range of period sources.

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