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Knight's Edge (Ritter Steel) 75" Landsknecht Flamberge/Flambard

purchased in 2002

Huge and hefty, it's a menacing presence on display. Yes, it's 75". That's 6'3" (190 cm). Taller than me. Huge!

Realistically, this isn't at all practical for fighting with. It easily weighs twice what it should for a functional two-handed sword. But it's not unreasonable for a "bearing sword", which historically weren't meant to be practical. They were oversized swords meant to be visually impressive for parades and the like, showing off the wealth and status of the owners.

In that regard, this could be seen as a very modest bearing sword. There are historical examples that are significantly larger.

Overall Length 75 inches  (190.5 cm)
Blade Length 54 ½ inches  (138.43 cm)
Hilt Length 20 ½ inches  (52.07 cm)
Center of Gravity 5 inches from guard  (12.7 cm)

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