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These are my lightsaber replicas. The one with the blue blade is a "Force FX" (Master Replicas) lightsaber that lights up like that. The glowing effect looks a lot better in the pictures, I must say, since it's really not that bright. It's the Episode-3 (ROTS) Anakin model.

(The thing I find amusing about the Anakin model is that even though the movie props were built from scratch with fiberglas resin and/or machined aluminum, they're designed to look almost exactly like a Graflex photographic flash handle and battery compartment, all because the original Darth Vader prop was made from one.)

Without a light-up blade is a replica of Luke's lightsaber from Episode-6 (ROTJ) that I picked up at a convention shortly before all these third-party replicas started vanishing. When Episode-1 was getting underway, Lucas-Arts started cracking down on unauthorized replicas. In any case, this model is made from machined aluminum, apparently turned in a lathe and annodized, just like the original prop was in the film. It's a very precise replica, as far as I can tell.

With the red blade is the "Darth 1/2 Maul" (according to the price tag, hah!) model. It's the "battle damaged" version of Darth Maul's double-bladed weapon, with only half the hilt and one blade. With the included adapter, two of these could be stuck together to make the whole thing.

(BTW, the images have not been enhanced... although the blades don't look that bright in person, the camera makes it look fantastic without even trying)

I've also starting doing some rotoscoping (and have a web page about it). Some of the pictures here show the "stunt lightsabers" I built for this purpose. Here's a video using one:

(More videos here)

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