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CAS/Hanwei Practical Single-Hand

After having played around with the "hand and a half" version of this sword, several of my classmates got curious about the single-hand version. Earlier incarnations of it were rather heavy and difficult to use. The newer generation is heavily fullered, much like the "hand and a half" version. I ordered one to play around with and verify that this was actually the case.

For a single-hand sword, it's light and speedy. Perhaps slightly less so than the "hand and a half" but still a very viable practice weapon that would wear out your wrist too quickly.

As inexpensive as it is, this is a viable option to use instead of a wooden waster. My classmates have been impressed with the apparent value.

Overall Length 37 ¼ inches  (94.61 cm)
Blade Length 30 ¾ inches  (78.11 cm)
Hilt Length 6 ½ inches  (16.51 cm)
Center of Gravity 3 ½ inches from guard  (8.89 cm)
Center of Percussion 21 inches from guard  (53.34 cm)

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