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CAS/Hanwei Practical Hand-and-a-Half

I ordered one of these out of pure curiosity and the cheap price. I wasn't disappointed. Very light and agile, the multiple fullers make for an extremely lively practice weapon. In fact, it's almost too light, but I haven't minded that much, especially since it's light enough to use effectively single-handedly, perhaps more so than the actual single-hand version.

We haven't had an opportunity to really beat it up yet, so I don't have much to say about its durability and longevity. However, it seems tight and solid, and in the first few class sessions we've used it in, it's admirably withstood some serious sword-slapping parrying maneuvers with only minor marks on the blade. No nicks or burrs that could catch clothing or scratch skin.

It should be noted that the edge, while blunt, is still fairly thin and can hurt if swung too hard against unprotected skin (including t-shirts and other thin clothes), as compared to significantly more blunted weapons, such as the A&A Fechterspiel.

As inexpensive as it is, this is a viable option to use instead of a wooden waster. My classmates have been impressed with the apparent value.

Overall Length 43 ¾ inches  (111.12 cm)
Blade Length 34 ¼ inches  (87 cm)
Hilt Length 9 ½ inches  (24.13 cm)
Center of Gravity 2 ½ inches from guard  (6.35 cm)
Center of Percussion 20 ½ inches from guard  (52.07 cm)

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