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Swept-Hilt Training Rapier

I picked up one of these from the equipment shop at my fencing school. Since I opted for the longer model, it's more blade heavy and less agile, but has longer reach. It's also more springy. Since it's been a long time since I've tried rapier combat, and even then it was mostly with epee blades, I'm not sure how this will suit me if I get into more serious rapier combat practice. I can always get a shorter one too, I suppose. :)

Overall Length 50 ¼ inches  (127.64 cm)
Blade Length 43 ½ inches  (110.49 cm)
Hilt Length 6 ¾ inches  (17.14 cm)
Center of Gravity 4 ¾ inches from guard  (12.06 cm)
Center of Percussion 33 ½ inches from guard  (85.09 cm)

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