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My Arms & Armor

15th Cenutry Plate Armor

This is my set of plate armor. I had gotten it put together in 2002, originally with the hopes of doing combat with it. The reenactment society I was participating in didn't last much longer though.

It's SCA "munitions grade" armor, but I wanted it to look decent too so I paid extra for the fluting. The only piece I haven't been happy with is the gorget, which you never see me wear to the renfests, so it's absent from these pictures. I wanted to use a sallet with bevor anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. The helm I have is in fact such a sallet, built for SCA combat, that I purchased used.

I'm not a real purist when it comes to complete historical accuracy. I just want my stuff to be a reasonable approximation.

I weighed the set, and it's about 50 lbs for the breast+back, legs, arms, pauldrons, and mail fauld and voiders. It goes over 65 if you add the sallet, bevor, and gauntlets. And yes, I wear all of it for about 8 hours straight when I take it to the renfest.

These pictures show an evolution before I obtained or replaced some parts. It now includes the GDFB legs, Merc Tailor's gauntlets, and some home-grown tassets. The voiders and mail fauld are from Historic Enterprises.

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