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CAS/"Paul Chen" Shinto Katana

purchased roughly around 1999

The "Shinto" Katana at one time was one of the flagship products that CAS was offering. Since then they've greatly expanded their selection of eastern weapons.

At the time that I got it, I felt that the balance was pretty good. Of course, I was used to handling my display-only katanas prior to that. By my current standards, it's not quite so nice in that regard. It certainly doesn't feel as light and agile as the Dagger-Dan Katana I have, but then, that one is clearly not traditional by any means, whereas the Shinto supposedly is.

The blade is very rigid. Hitting the side with the palm of your hand induces a visibly imperceptible vibration, not a flex or resonance. Since I'm not as familiar with "proper" characteristics for Katanas, I'm not sure how close to correct the blade properties are.

I bought the Shinto sometime between 1998 and 2000. The newer models are clearly different, and can be seen here.

Overall Length 39 inches  (99.06 cm)
Blade Length 28 ¼ inches  (71.75 cm)
Hilt Length 10 ¾ inches  (27.3 cm)
Weight 1 ⅞ pounds  (0.85 kg)
Center of Gravity 5 ¼ inches from guard  (13.34 cm)

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