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"Starfire" single-hand sword

purchased roughly around 1998

Back at the old VARF (Virginia Renaissance Faire owned by REC, not the current VARF operated by "Out of the Woodwork Productions"), I picked up this single-hand sword from Starfire.

At the time I knew little about what sorts of swords you would use for "live steel" reenactment or combat, except that it should be sturdy and blunt. Starfire makes their swords tough, and offers a lifetime guarantee on them as well. Wanting to get into that sort of thing some day, it seemed like a good choice at the time. Starfire also makes their swords very heavy, and by the time I started getting involved with actual reenactment and WMA groups, it was becoming pretty clear that this sword would probably just hang on the wall.

Overall Length 39 ½ inches  (100.33 cm)
Blade Length 32 inches  (81.28 cm)
Hilt Length 7 ½ inches  (19.05 cm)
Center of Gravity 5 ½ inches from guard  (13.97 cm)
Center of Percussion 21 ¾ inches from guard  (55.24 cm)

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