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Cold Steel "Hand and a Half"

purchased roughly around 2006

Supposedly "Full Tang, Battle Ready, Sharp 1050 High Carbon Steel Blade"

I obtained this one in the summer of 2006. It seems very visually appealing and has a solid heft. Nothing is loose or rattles, and it has a reasonably sharp edge. Unfortunately I don't know much about the tang and hilt construction. Center of gravity is about 4" or 5" forward of the guard, despite the blade being only about 33" in length. For a longsword, it has a slightly blade-heavy feel and isn't as lively as I'd prefer. It certainly doesn't perform like my A&A Fechterspiel Sword, but then not much else does. I'm hoping that with proper control, the blade presence will allow for solid cuts during test cutting.

It's not as nice, overall, as my Albion Talhoffer, but then again it cost half as much. This sword also came with a pretty decent scabbard included at that price, complete with wood core and metal fittings (but not the leather back-sling pictured; I added that later).

Overall Length 42 ½ inches  (107.95 cm)
Blade Length 33 ½ inches  (85.09 cm)
Hilt Length 9 inches  (22.86 cm)
Blade Thickness at base 0.2 inches  (0.51 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ¾ inches  (4.45 cm)
Guard Width 7 ¾ inches  (19.68 cm)
Weight 3 pounds  (1.36 kg)
Center of Gravity 4 ¾ inches from guard  (12.06 cm)
Center of Percussion 22 ¼ inches from guard  (56.52 cm)

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