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Macaroon & Cupcake These were my cute cuddly little kitty cats, named Macaroon and Cupcake respectively. (These are the two I grew up with, and as you'll see in the updates below, they're no longer with us). This picture isn't of the greatest quality, but it is the only shot I have of the two of them sittng next to each other (trust me, their eyes look very nice in person, it's the flash that made them look "glazed over"). The picture was taken in June of '95 (when they were still vibrant and healthy, even at a ripe old age of nearly 17). We got them when I was 5 years old (and they were but 8 weeks old) and they turned 21 in august '99. The family that they were born into named the entire litter after snacks and treats, and we saw no reason to rename them. They are the sweetest and most personable cats I have ever seen (we raised them right!), and will even greet you at the door when you come home. Macaroon only has 20% hearing left in one ear and is deaf in the other, and also has only about 20% of her vision left. Cupcake was quite ill when she was 19, with wild weight-swings (all on the low end, she hasn't been up to her normal weight in quite some time). They're both very sluggish and light-weight now, but seem to otherwise be alive and well, except for the fact that their hips are stiff and thus they waddle a little when they walk. I've grown up with these two fuzz-balls, and they're more like members of the family than pets. Of course, I don't get to see much of them anymore since I no longer live under the same roof.

UPDATE- (Oct 14, '99) Macaroon is reaching the end of her rope, and we'll be ending it for her on sunday. She has a large growth in her abdomen, and has pnumonia, and so much as a biopsy would probably kill her. She can't even stand.. She's had a long and vibrant life, and I'll be sorry to see her go. I'll miss her, but at the same time, I feel happy too because we've given her a good life, one that has far exceeded expectations (she lived about 50% longer than cats normally do), and now it is simply the next step in the journey for her.

UPDATE- (Oct 27, '99) Macaroon is still alive! While her condition is still terminal, she no longer appears to be in pain and is acting like herself again. We've decided it's not time yet, so for now she's OK.

Pixel & Halo UPDATE- (Feb 18, '00) I have two new cats! Since I don't get to see Macaroon and Cupcake much, and I'm living alone, I figured I'd like to have my own fuzzballs in my new place. I got a kitten a few weeks ago, and named "her" Pixel (because of "her" fascination with the computer), and two days ago came home with another cat that I adopted, named Halo. She really is the angel of the two.. :)

UPDATE- (Feb 23, '00) Macaroon passed away on monday (two days ago). While she's been very weak and lethargic lately, the end came swiftly. I'll miss her.

UPDATE- (March 3, '00) I've added some pictures!

UPDATE- (June 12, '01) Cupcake followed her sister, and passed away on friday (the 8th), just two months shy of her 23rd birthday. They both lived long and good lives, and I'll miss them both. It's the end of an era.. Two of my childhood friends are gone. Having my two furballs that I currently live with makes things a bit easier.

UPDATE- (August '03) Halo and Pixel (shown left) are still going strong, though last year in the spring we took Pixel in to the vet to get "her" spayed, only to discover she was in fact a he!  Poor little guy hid it so well that even the vet missed it the first time and had to check more than once while Pixel was under the knife. So he ended up getting neutered but still had a nice abdominal incision too. Poor little guy. ;-)

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