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"Dagger Dan" Heinecke Short-Sword

purchased in 1999

This was my first "Dagger Dan" piece. Dan Heinecke is primarily a knife and dagger maker who, as far as I know, only sells his finely crafted wares through his booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. His work has become well respected amongst the patrons at this renfest.

Light and agile, sharp as a razor, and a mirror finish make this piece a beauty to behold. The blade has four-zone tempering, and the hilt consists of exotic hardwood (Cocobolo), a section of bone, and brass fittings cast directly onto the tang. It's built to last.

Overall Length 28 inches  (71.12 cm)
Blade Length 20 inches  (50.8 cm)
Hilt Length 8 inches  (20.32 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ¼ inches  (3.17 cm)
Guard Width 5 ½ inches  (13.97 cm)
Center of Gravity 2 ½ inches from guard  (6.35 cm)

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