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"Highland Steele" sword

purchased roughly around 2001

Highland Steele used to sell their swords at the NCRF (North Carolina Renaissance Faire), which is a very small renfaire that runs for only a few weekends each year in the spring. At the time, it only ran for one weekend per year.

At the booth, they would demonstrate the strength and flexibility of the blades by hacking up cinderblocks and bending the blade over nearly 90 degrees.

The swords were all made with a dull grey finish, not polished. Most looked like edged bar-stock, without a distal or cross-sectional taper on the blade at all (technically you could call this a hexagonal cross-section, but it looks like the blades start out as bar-stock that is then ground, tempered, and sharpened).

A few were ground out into more of a diamond cross-section, slightly hollow-ground in fact, and this one caught my eye. It's reasonably light and balanced for a single-hand sword, and should be able to withstand a beating if I ever need to fight off an attacking cinderblock wall.

I had noticed some time later that Highland Steele was no longer attending NCRF. I heard on an unrelated message board some years later that the swordsmith had died.

Overall Length 35 ½ inches  (90.17 cm)
Blade Length 28 inches  (71.12 cm)
Hilt Length 7 ½ inches  (19.05 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ½ inches  (3.81 cm)
Guard Width 5 ½ inches  (13.97 cm)
Center of Gravity 4 inches from guard  (10.16 cm)
Center of Percussion 18 ½ inches from guard  (46.99 cm)

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