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"LaForge" short sword

purchased roughly around 1995

LaForge is a sword seller that I've seen at PARF (Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire). While they sold a wide range of the usual off-the-shelf stuff, such as United and CAS, they also had a forge on site and made their own swords. These hand-made models appeared to be designed with more of a reenactment or stage mindset, since they're dull steel (not polished), and usually flat barstock construction.

I picked this one up since I didn't have any light short swords in my collection. Sometimes the dull steel clunkers look great hanging on a wall.

Despite the CoG being a relatively large distance relative to the overall blade length, it's still fairly near, and the overall weight is light enough combined with the leverage of a short blade to make this feel very agile.

Overall Length 28 ¼ inches  (71.75 cm)
Blade Length 21 ¼ inches  (53.98 cm)
Hilt Length 7 inches  (17.78 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ⅜ inches  (3.49 cm)
Guard Width 7 ½ inches  (19.05 cm)
Center of Gravity 3 inches from guard  (7.62 cm)
Center of Percussion 14 ½ inches from guard  (36.83 cm)

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