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Albion Talhoffer

purchased in 2007

This sword is a joy to hold. Of all of my sharps, I think this one handles the best, and it should, since it's an Albion! Compared to other swords of similar size and weight, the agility and handling of this sword is superb, largely due to the nearly triangular profile taper. Since the blade tapers to a very small width out near the tip, much of the blade's mass is drawn back towards the hilt. The light tip moves with speed and ease. This ultimately can make it slightly less efficient of a cutter, but it permits quick and precise movements and is a mean thrusting sword. Surprisingly, the handling of my Fechterspiel is still slightly nicer, but that one is a blunt, and the difference is subtle.

To those who have bought into the whole line of thought that swords should be glitzy and ornate, this one may not appeal. To the untrained eye, it may not look like much. But this is very much a real sword. Deadly and resilient, this is one of the few that I feel I could trust my life to if the need arose. Elegant, with understated beauty, it is built to do the job and be respectful to the original period styles and construction.

This is a type XVa sword in the Oakeshott typology system. Nearly triangle profile taper, with a diamond cross-section. Satin finish, leather grip in oxblood color.

I did some test-cutting against pumpkins, and while they're not difficult to cut in general, this sword performed admirably for being more of a thrusting sword. And in fact, it thrusts extremely well.

Overall Length 46 ⅜ inches  (117.79 cm)
Blade Length 36 ¼ inches  (92.08 cm)
Hilt Length 10.12 inches  (25.7 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ⅞ inches  (4.76 cm)
Guard Width 9 inches  (22.86 cm)
Weight 3 ⅜ pounds  (1.53 kg)
Center of Gravity 3 ¼ inches from guard  (8.26 cm)
Center of Percussion 21 ¼ inches from guard  (53.98 cm)

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