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CAS-Iberia Steel-Hilt "Hand and a Half"

purchased roughly around 2001

Like my CAS Lionheart, this one has ended up being a garb sword, often in conjunction with my crusades-era outfits. Thus the rust visible on the hilt. Obviously I'm no longer in the mindset of having absolutely no rust anywhere at any time. :)

The blade is a bit thick and heavy, but it's also short compared to the large two-handed hilt, so the balance isn't bad. Because of this relatively short blade, it's not what I'd call a "longsword", but rather it lives up to the name of "Hand and a half". It's more of a single-hand sword that accommodates two hands with an enlarged hilt. Still, it works well with my 12-13c kits.

Overall Length 38 ½ inches  (97.79 cm)
Blade Length 27 inches  (68.58 cm)
Hilt Length 11 ½ inches  (29.21 cm)
Weight 4.58 pounds  (2.08 kg)
Center of Gravity 3 inches from guard  (7.62 cm)
Center of Percussion 17-18 inches from guard  (43.18 cm)

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