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Knight's Edge (Stage Steel) Double-Handed Broadswords

I picked these up a while back, in the hopes that I'd be able to use them in a reenactment or WMA capacity, before I knew much about the sorts of swords that would be used for such things. The story is pretty much the same as with my Starfire sword. It turns out that these are very heavy, despite having rather short blades for two-handed use, and as a result I think they go beyond just tiring you out... they'd probably be downright dangerous to use without armor, unless used in a purely choreographed stage setting.

However, I've found a really good use for them. At Pennsic or other such events, these are the swords I don't mind pounding into the ground to prop up a shield against or hang a lantern from. As decorative items that I don't need to be gentle with, they're great. :)

One is already showing minor rust on the guard and pommel from being outdoors for several days at Pennsic in 2006, including a pretty good rain one night.

In terms of the feel, despite the relatively short blade for a two-handed weapon, and the close-in center of gravity, the overall weight makes them feel cumbersome and slow.

Overall Length 40 inches  (101.6 cm)
Blade Length 28 inches  (71.12 cm)
Hilt Length 12 inches  (30.48 cm)
Blade Width at base 1 ½ inches  (3.81 cm)
Guard Width 7 inches  (17.78 cm)
Weight 5 ½ pounds  (2.5 kg)
Center of Gravity 2 inches from guard  (5.08 cm)

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